For those who're not familiar with the Monome, take a look at the Original website and see how powerful and beautiful Brian Crabtree's creation is. Rare and pretty expensive, a friend of mine convinced me to build a 64 clone, becamed the 40h Clone. In love with it, I decided to design a smaller and cheaper clone, called Micronome 40h. PCB / CAD / PDF files, I put on this website pretty much everything you need to understand and build a 40h Monome Clone / Micronome. Don't hesitate to email me for questions and comments. Enjoy the visit. Antoine

Latest news

15/10/10 - As I'm not a student anymore, I don't have much time to develop my different projects and to update this website as soon as I want to. So I've just started a WordPress blog to facilitate updates and to reorganize the different sections. I have two major projects in mind... I'll post news about them as soon as possible!




Latest video

Here is a video showing the making of an interactive led wall. The internet functionnality is pretty great and gives some ideas...

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